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I have tried to provide a little bit of something for everyone and hope, by the Grace of the Almighty, to improve and enhance it as time progresses.

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The following is a feed from Alabama Gas Prices showing the lowest gas prices in the Cullman-Hanceville Area. I hope you enjoy this service from WmGH Online!

Lowest Gas Prices in Cullman, Hanceville

Alabama Gas Prices provided by GasBuddy.com

To the left – just under where you might login should you decide to register – and I truly hope you do – is a list of “Articles”. All of them are not mine as you can tell by perusing the list. The list includes “Civil Disobedience” by Henry Thoreau; a copy of the US Constitution; Chapter One of a book I am writing plus some other articles either from my twisted perspective or which I have found on the web and found highly interesting. Below the list of articles are more really cool links.

Because of the current state of the economy particularly the current price of oil and how it effects gas prices on the right side of this page there are two charts showing oil prices. The WTI Crude is an index of the pricing of light crude while Brent Crude originates from the North Seas. A couple of other indexes (not shown) are OPEC Reference and Dubai Crude.

Finally, below the Crude Oil Indexes, is another “Blogroll” consisting of a mixed bag of links. Some are to local forums which I attend; others are links to entertainment sites; and still others are links to sites I hope are of interest.


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